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8 mile charities

Duzi-Umngeni Conservation Trust

Our mission is to champion the environmental health of the uMngeni and uMsunduzi Rivers.

We actively engage in river health projects, education and capacity building to bring a positive impact to our catchment.

Our Motto…Healthy River = Healthy People.

Visit: www.duct.org.za

National Sea Rescue Institute

The National Sea Rescue Institute is a volunteer rescue organisation that is on call 24/7.

Our mission is to save lives on South African waters. But we’re more than a rescue service.

We educate communities and strive to innovate and constantly evolve and extend our water-safety initiatives through empowerment and visibility.

For more information and to read about our rescues, please visit us at www.nsri.org.za.


Project Rhino is an association of like-minded organisations, facilitating rhino conservation interventions aimed at eliminating rhino poaching and securing the white and black rhino populations of KwaZulu-Natal. 

The members of Project Rhino recognise that the work in conserving and protecting rhinos from the threat of poaching is symbolic of the broader threat faced by all wildlife and that all wildlife will benefit from actions taken by Project Rhino. 

The association is also aware that the poaching of rhino is symptomatic of the overall, bigger environmental crises facing South Africa and its neighbours.

Visit: www.projectrhinokzn.org


Singakwenza, meaning “We can do it!” is a non-profit organization which focuses on Early Childhood Education.  With an emphasis on long-term sustainability, we provide grassroots training for practitioners, parents and caregivers to enable them to provide daily fun, educational activities for their young children.

These activities develop, through play, the foundation skills for learning, supported by educational resources that are handmade solely from recycling.

Once the adults have been trained on how to provide daily stimulation for their young children, they are able to make all their own resources using household packaging that usually ends up in landfill, rivers and the ocean.

Visit: www.singakwenza.co.za

1 mile & 4 mile charities


Adopt-a-River Is a passionate non-profit dedicated to making a difference in our waterways.

We focus on community-based solutions to the myriad of river health issues we face, and understand that each river, each stretch, each community is different and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is not going to work.

We work with caring corporations and engage all stakeholders in an effort to find sustainable solutions to a complex, multi-faceted water crisis.

Visit: www.adoptariversa.org 


Caversham Education Institute is a small, yet vibrant Early Childhood Teacher Training Organisation dedicated to provide excellent qualification training at NQF Level 5 for teachers of children birth to five.

There are 6 training centres in Kwazulu-Natal, 2 in the Western Cape, and a reach into Southern Africa on-line. Training is provided part-time on alternate Saturdays enabling participants to work and study and apply learning in their classes, and a strong personal development component is woven into each session to enhance the self-esteem and confidence of the participants.

Visit: www.cavershaminstitute.co.za


Originally founded in 1977, CROW was the first dedicated wildlife rehabilitation centres in South Africa. Following a move to its current home in Yellowwood Park in 1980, the centre’s small but dedicated team was able to expand its operation – helping to rescue, rehabilitate and release between 3000 and 4000 injured, orphaned and displaced wild animals each year.

40 years later CROW remains Durban’s only registered and fully permitted (including TOPS and TOPS Marine species) wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Currently we are the only organisation in KZN working with threatened and protected marine bird species. Our motto which greets every visitor as they enter our centre is: “The best cage is an empty cage.”. 

Visit: www.crowkzn.co.za


Founded in 1970, the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (GRAA) is the oldest, largest and most representative ranger association in Africa.

Our mission is to benefit Africa’s rangers by providing both networks and representation, and ensuring they have the necessary capability and support to perform their duties protecting the wildlife and wild places of Africa.

We ensure that rangers are adequately supported, trained and equipped to carry out their primary responsibility of maintaining the integrity of wilderness, protected, and natural areas in which they work.

Visit: www.gameranger.org


The International Sailors’ Society of Southern Africa provides welfare services on the Southern African seaboard to seafarers of all faiths and genders, and to their families.

The most important aspect of our work is to provide a presence on ships in Port so that any seafarer who needs someone to talk to, will have the opportunity to do so.

Relieving worries and stress, providing spiritual and emotional support, and providing contact with the outside world, contribute to the welfare of every seafarer and therefore assist in making ships safer by preventing accidents, conflict and even suicide.

The Society also works in close cooperation with the Crisis Response Network (CRN) for Southern Africa.

Visit: www.saiss.co.za 


A place of hope, healing and new beginnings. Kerr House is based in Durban and provides a safe haven for up to 15 abused and destitute women and their children at a time.

This shelter was launched in 1951 to provide a temporary and secure homely environment for women in crisis with a view to restore their sense of well-being and self-worth.

We offer a professional support service to these women by providing counselling, relief and rehabilitation in partnership with other relevant professional organisations.

Visit: www.kerrhouse.co.za 


Liberty NPO is a non-profit organisation that operates in the Greater Edendale and Pietermaritzburg areas. It focuses on wetland education and river health.

Over the years, the organisation has been lobbying communities across the province to better understand and manage their natural resources such as wetlands and rivers.

One of its main objectives is conducting community education while creating learning and job opportunities arising from wetland and rivers, with the main target being the young people.

Visit:  www.libertynpo.co.za


The main aim of our projects are to contribute to the sustainability and conservation of our natural heritage by working with communities through environmental education initiatives; encouraging participation and caring for the planet; and implementing real action projects that make a measurable difference to long term sustainability.

We are implementing the International Water Explorer (WE) Programme and the International UNEP Global Search for Sustainable Schools (GSSS) projects.

We focus on school and community through these international environmental education programmes, helping them to develop an environmental ethic while tackling local environmental issues in their schools and communities. 

Visit: www.oneplanet.org.za

Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children

Umduduzi brings compassion, dignity, relevant care and relief from discomfort and pain to children diagnosed with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness within KZN.

We do this through direct patient care, mentorship, empowerment of caregivers, training and advocacy.

Visit: www.umduduzi.co.za


Wildlife ACT was established in South Africa in 2010 with a vision to save Africa’s iconic and endangered species from extinction, thereby enabling broad-scale biodiversity conservation.

Through strategic partnerships and sustainable funding models our mission is to implement professional and strategic monitoring and research to enable and inform effective conservation management of wildlife; identify and develop programmes within surrounding communities to support wildlife conservation; and secure existing protected areas and support range expansion of African wildlife.

Visit: www.wildlifeact.com